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Stuff I made, recommendations, random videos, photos, you name it. Some posts are more meaningful than others.

An animation I made about slowing down.


My friend Mandy and I wanted to save the world from technology.

We explored why people sucked, why it was inevitable and how people can become pretty good.

click through the slideshow below to learn about sucking.

Wonderful little book on living a simpler life.


A 22 year old, Taylor calls Gary Vee for advice… he puts her in her place.

Brutally honest. Motivational stuff. I suggest you take a listen if you don’t feel like working.

Nice color moment in PR.


First time doing latte art and then I went ahead and made a phallic rabbit.


Innovation when traveling.


A friend sent this to me. Spotted.

Makes you wonder how many strangers’ photos you are in.


Sometimes you just expect to be in strangers’ photos.

Other times, you get paid to be in them.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 11.33.13 AM.png

Spotted at W4

A ripped off poster left some residue. Residue or your next winter getaway?


Yoga class


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